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Saint Jude

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A site-specific performance that uses innovative AI technology to take you on a unique hour-long journey into someone else’s mind.

SAINT JUDE is the world’s first organisation that allows you to communicate with people trapped in lifelong, irreversible comas.

Using cutting-edge technology, you’ll be able to talk to ‘Sleepers’ – hopeless coma patients lost to the depths of unconsciousness. Saint Jude’s innovative software translates the Sleeper’s brain patterns into speech in a split second, allowing you to communicate with them directly from the coma.

But not everything buried in the dark should be brought to light.

What will you uncover on your first day working at Saint Jude?

The Alter

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A short film where it’s up to you to discover the narrative. One story, two timelines. Click to switch between the night before and the morning after.


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A three-part online escape experience for teams. Packages available for corporate and group bookings.

Experience the ultimate water-cooler moment for your office. It’s social. It’s fun. It’s innovative. And it’s critically-acclaimed entertainment.

"Transforms the internet into your very own sprawling adventure playground"
★★★★ The Guardian

"Fiendishly good fun"
★★★★ The Metro

"An innovative, hugely enjoyable embrace of digital possibilities"
★★★★ The Stage

The Drop

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A live immersive escape experience. Step into a lift where your fate hangs in the balance. Will you go up, down, or further than you imagined?

Enter a hidden world as you descend into the dark underbelly of international crime and prepare yourselves to face The Drop.

"The most compelling and sophisticated immersive escape game you will ever play… astonishing"
★★★★★ Everything Theatre

"Brilliantly tense, beautifully realised"
★★★★ The Stage

"Sets the pulse racing"
★★★★ The Telegraph